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Why Utilize Hypnosis?

There are two key concepts for understanding why hypnosis is such an important tool for creating life changes.

Homeostasis is our innate unconscious drive to “stay the same” and resist changes on a subconscious level. While we may consciously desire a change in our feelings, reactions, habits or health, on a deeper level our subconscious defense mechanisms (that were created in earlier life to protect us) seek to preserve the status quo. So, while talking, planning, discussion and rational understanding of behavior are all important, they do not address our subconscious need to sabotage our success and efforts to change. Hypnosis is a valuable tool used to facilitate needed changes to our unconscious roadblocks to overcome homeostasis.​


Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change its structure and function in response to mental experience and activity(1) throughout an individual’s life. Neuroplasticity takes place in the brain, but it is triggered by the mind. Our ability to transform beliefs, emotional responses and habits is dependent on the flexibility of the mind.

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(1)American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, Volume 57, 2015 – Issue 3: Mapping the Domain of Hypnosis