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Private sessions consist of one-on-one consultations designed specifically for you. Appointments range from the more typical one or two hours to a customizable length as appropriate for your needs. Sessions take place online through the easy-to-use Zoom platform, allowing access to hypnosis sessions in a quiet location of your choice.

There is no charge or expected commitment related to your initial gratis “discovery” meeting which is available by choosing the Introductory Consultation option below. After choosing to move forward, your first paid session includes a comprehensive discussion related to your desired goal(s), details about the process of using hypnosis and an estimate of sessions needed for your situation. Certain commonly treated issues will have a set number of sessions, such as three for smoking cessation, offered through a less expensive package. Use of hypnosis will begin with the second session after your customized treatment plan has been created. The pleasant hypnosis sessions are recorded and emailed to you after each session for your repeated use for continued reinforcement as advised. Self-hypnosis will be taught by the third session so that you can speed up results and learn to direct other desired life changes yourself.

If you are interested in learning more as to how your goal or issue may be addressed through utilization of hypnosis, schedule your free thirty minute Introductory Consultation (yellow dot) on Zoom from the appointments listed below. You will be able to conveniently choose what works best with your own schedule from available times. This appointment will allow us to virtually meet to discuss an overview of your needs, address questions and explore how hypnosis will facilitate desired changes. If you wish to communicate by text, phone or email, or require more scheduling options outside the already available days or times, you may text/call 1-833-238-5592 or email Suze@StoryChangers.com for a response within 1-2 business days.